Monday, July 16, 2018

Week Four: Commissioner's Report

Week Four

Day One:

Don't leave the lights on... 
Monday! We began the day, as usual, with singing. Adding some original movements to songs seemed to help us wake up and get energized. The peeps had all survived the weekend, though some with less water-tight houses were wet. Julius Bob Peepsar discovered that he had left the lights on in his house, and a number of moths had taken up residence.

Much progress on houses continued. Unique challenges elicited ingenuity--how to cut a door and window in a roof that has already been assembled? how to attach a door made only of very thin plastic?--and unique solutions resulted.

Creative painting of interior walls. 

Determining area for payment. 

Sealing the outside of her igloo. 
Commerce was booming in land time, despite the lack of usual food items. Homemade slime ruled the day, and sold for quite a lot, especially the glitter-infused versions. There were twinkles in homesteaders’ eyes, and on their faces, as the glitter spread… A number of peeps also embarked on outdoor adventures. Lady Maggie and Julius Bob Peepsar climbed a tree, and Julius Bob had a hair-raising escapade rappelling down using his toga as a rope. They then climbed a mountain along with Mr. XXX III and Albert Peepstein.
Lady Maggie and Julius Bob Peepsar
Julius Bob appears to have had a marvelous idea!
Juilus Bob dangles over a many mini-foot drop. 

Photo op atop the mountain!
From left: Lady Maggie, Professor Peepstein, Mr. XXXIII, Julius Bob Peepsar
Another source of excitement today was preparations for the upcoming wedding, scheduled for Wednesday, between Jasmine and Hyde. Julius Bob Peepsar began a business making formal wedding clothes to other peeps. He sold a lace toga to Lady Maggie and a velvet cape to Jacques. To the concern of the village, though, Hyde has been missing since last Friday. We still hold out hope that he will return, or be found, in time for his wedding on Wednesday.

There was talk of calling a meeting of the new oligarchs, but as of close of business, this meeting had not yet taken place.

Day Two, Tuesday:

Having a nice chat in the morning before the rains set in.
A rainy day kept us (mostly) in the barn today. There were some bold exceptions: the homesteaders of XXXIII and Julius Bob Peepsar sallied bravely forth to rig up a zipline for mini-fair, undeterred by rain and even thunder. Hyde took advantage of the high water levels to enjoy some canoeing.
Hyde, recovering from being lost with a little white-water canoe ride!

Julius Bob Peepsar, reading in the nude while he waits for his toga to dry. 
House progress continued swimmingly: Jasmine installed an elegant loft in her home. Psycho Jeff put in some beautiful wallpaper. Karanna custom-fit a wooden door for her igloo. Mr. XXX III continues to fix up the fixer-upper that he bought at an auction.

Jasmine's Homesteader with her beautiful house. 

Karanna's person, making progress on a custom-fit door. 
Creativity also is flourishing in preparation for minifair, as rides and attractions take shape. And there was peep baking today! Pies of raspberry, apple, chocolate, and various jams were highly popular.

Baking mini turnover-style pies. The hands-down favorite filling was peach jam.
Exciting attempts to stir things up in the realm of government: toward the end of the day, a petition was started proposing a monarchy, with Hidie as queen! The organizers are seeking signatures of at least two-thirds of the town, in order to fulfill the constitutional requirement for changing the system of government. Not all peeps are in agreement: Aria, in particular, is facing strong pressure from other peeps to sign the petition, but is holding out strongly.

The petition!

Homesteaders had tons of fun playing the Couch Game (proposed alternate name: the Chair of Power) after lunch today. During pluses and wishes at the end of the day, it was both the plus and wish of many.
Celebration of progress in the couch game. 

Day Three, Wednesday:
The town gathers at the town hall for the wedding.

No shortage of excitement in the United Peeps of America today! The wedding of Hyde and Jasmine went off without a hitch, with Julius Bob Peepsar officiating. Music was piped in from the humans. The peeps all crowded into the town hall, and watched Hidie accompany Jasmine down the isle. The ceremony was conducted with a lovely combination of theatricality and brevity. There was much rejoicing after the ceremony. A few moments of energetic dancing was followed by refreshment in the form of tiny wedding cakes baked by Raven, Mia, Karanna, and Julius Bob Peepsar.

Many Peeps bestowed gifts upon the newlyweds. Albert Peepstein presented the happy couple with a very nice garden bench/swing, and Julius Bob made a gift of a lovely lamp. 

Jasmine enters the town hall, accompanied by her friend Hidie.
Hyde waits in the foreground, in front of the stone altar.
Julius Bob Peepsar stands behind the altar, ready to officiate.
His freshly-laundered toga is draped out the window. 
The townspeeps gathered for the wedding.

Everyone loves a wedding!

The happy couple. 

Sharing the cake!

Many more homesteaders completed or came near to completing their houses today. Roofs were assembled; beams were screwed to walls and walls to beams. Drills and the much-beloved power sander hummed busily. Watching the mini-fair rides take shape is also exciting: the “espresso,” a wrap around ride, and an elevator drop.

It seems as though there may have been some semblance of a vote about changing the government to a monarchy, but neither the validity nor the implications of this have yet become clear.

There have been some exciting changes in the village radio station of late. A few days ago, the radio manager Psycho Jeff was terminated from his position for multiple violations of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) guidelines. The Fed opened the position for new applications, and a class, required for all applicants, was offered laying out the FCC guidelines and clarifying penalties. Meanwhile, commissioner Jeff Littleton ran the radio station. In an exciting turn of events, Psycho Jeff submitted an impressive re-application for the position, and was re-hired! He kicked off his second round of management with a great Werk Berzerk radio show, playing a diverse variety of music, introducing each song, taking requests from listeners, and offering public service announcements. Everyone enjoyed it.

We were honored to have some guest teachers to teach a Macro History of Village course: Kerri  and Margie Iselin came and shared the story of how Village began.