Monday, July 16, 2018

Week Four: Commissioner's Report

Week Four

Day One:

Don't leave the lights on... 
Monday! We began the day, as usual, with singing. Adding some original movements to songs seemed to help us wake up and get energized. The peeps had all survived the weekend, though some with less water-tight houses were wet. Julius Bob Peepsar discovered that he had left the lights on in his house, and a number of moths had taken up residence.

Much progress on houses continued. Unique challenges elicited ingenuity--how to cut a door and window in a roof that has already been assembled? how to attach a door made only of very thin plastic?--and unique solutions resulted.

Creative painting of interior walls. 

Determining area for payment. 

Sealing the outside of her igloo. 
Commerce was booming in land time, despite the lack of usual food items. Homemade slime ruled the day, and sold for quite a lot, especially the glitter-infused versions. There were twinkles in homesteaders’ eyes, and on their faces, as the glitter spread… A number of peeps also embarked on outdoor adventures. Lady Maggie and Julius Bob Peepsar climbed a tree, and Julius Bob had a hair-raising escapade rappelling down using his toga as a rope. They then climbed a mountain along with Mr. XXX III and Albert Peepstein.
Lady Maggie and Julius Bob Peepsar
Julius Bob appears to have had a marvelous idea!
Juilus Bob dangles over a many mini-foot drop. 

Photo op atop the mountain!
From left: Lady Maggie, Professor Peepstein, Mr. XXXIII, Julius Bob Peepsar
Another source of excitement today was preparations for the upcoming wedding, scheduled for Wednesday, between Jasmine and Hyde. Julius Bob Peepsar began a business making formal wedding clothes to other peeps. He sold a lace toga to Lady Maggie and a velvet cape to Jacques. To the concern of the village, though, Hyde has been missing since last Friday. We still hold out hope that he will return, or be found, in time for his wedding on Wednesday.

There was talk of calling a meeting of the new oligarchs, but as of close of business, this meeting had not yet taken place.

Day Two, Tuesday:

Having a nice chat in the morning before the rains set in.
A rainy day kept us (mostly) in the barn today. There were some bold exceptions: the homesteaders of XXXIII and Julius Bob Peepsar sallied bravely forth to rig up a zipline for mini-fair, undeterred by rain and even thunder. Hyde took advantage of the high water levels to enjoy some canoeing.
Hyde, recovering from being lost with a little white-water canoe ride!

Julius Bob Peepsar, reading in the nude while he waits for his toga to dry. 
House progress continued swimmingly: Jasmine installed an elegant loft in her home. Psycho Jeff put in some beautiful wallpaper. Karanna custom-fit a wooden door for her igloo. Mr. XXX III continues to fix up the fixer-upper that he bought at an auction.

Jasmine's Homesteader with her beautiful house. 

Karanna's person, making progress on a custom-fit door. 
Creativity also is flourishing in preparation for minifair, as rides and attractions take shape. And there was peep baking today! Pies of raspberry, apple, chocolate, and various jams were highly popular.

Baking mini turnover-style pies. The hands-down favorite filling was peach jam.
Exciting attempts to stir things up in the realm of government: toward the end of the day, a petition was started proposing a monarchy, with Hidie as queen! The organizers are seeking signatures of at least two-thirds of the town, in order to fulfill the constitutional requirement for changing the system of government. Not all peeps are in agreement: Aria, in particular, is facing strong pressure from other peeps to sign the petition, but is holding out strongly.

The petition!

Homesteaders had tons of fun playing the Couch Game (proposed alternate name: the Chair of Power) after lunch today. During pluses and wishes at the end of the day, it was both the plus and wish of many.
Celebration of progress in the couch game. 

The Week 3 Commissioner's Report

On Monday the Homesteaders held a meeting to discuss the oligarchy. One of the oligarchs, Mia, resigned on Friday last week, and so the rest of the Village had to figure out which common Peep would be added to the oligarchy. After the meeting, when the Bank Manager and bank employees headed to the bank to look at the numbers and find out who the richest Peep was, they spent a suspicious amount of time checking the books for Peep's balances. They returned and announced that Hidie would be the newest oligarch, but rumors started floating around about some banking discrepancies. The Fed decided to take a look for themselves after Homesteaders left that afternoon, and they found some questionable transactions. Money seemed to be appearing from nowhere, and was being funneled into one particular Peep's bank account. (This Peep also just happened to be one of the oligarchs.) After an evening audit of the banking records, and discussion with a few suspect Peeps the next day, The Fed figured out what was going on: a small "investors' club" had pooled together some funds which they would give to Peeps that they wanted to be eligible for the oligarchy, and this money was paid to the Peep in question in the form of a “Chinchilla Loan”. The extra money was “appearing” because the bank was not withdrawing the Chinchilla Loans from one account before depositing them into another. The only thing we have left to determine is whether or not these errors were intentional, though we may never know. Federal Commissioners’ imaginations are running wild with possible explanations, but there isn’t yet enough proof to substantiate any one conclusion.

Over the course of the week the focus of everyone’s attention shifted to more domestic affairs. Houses were being finished and furnished, and there was even a mini-courtship! Land time has featured a lot of interesting transactions. One Homesteader has successfully auctioned off her old house (from a previous year); she imported it and then sold it for a substantial profit. At the next land time she auctioned off a tree house. Both items fetched high prices and were purchased by Mr. XXXIII. He reported that he is investing in the real estate to help improve the value of his property come appraisal time, though he is also willing to admit that he paid, er, perhaps more than the items are worth. Psycho Jeff and Aria both bid quite a lot on the properties at auction, but they seemed relieved NOT to be the buyers as the bids rose quickly to exorbitant heights. Many Peeps and People came out to watch the action, and we Commissioners wonder if the energy of the audience helped to push prices beyond what the buyers might have wished to have paid.The ultimate result of Mr. XXXIII’s actions are that he has spent so much money that he is no longer eligible to be an Oligarch (the rule about ‘no other Peep having more money than the current oligarchs’ seems to be defunct due to lack of enforcement).

Other items being sold at land time included the much-coveted baked goods and some very popular trading cards created by Julius Bob Peepsar. Julius Bob reports that he is working hard selling items he creates and working odd jobs so that he can afford the paint for his coliseum-house.

The buying and selling of this week has resulted in big shake up in the government. Two oligarchs were replaced with other, richer Peeps. The Oligarchs are now Angelina, Psycho Jeff, Hidie, Donald Trump, and Karanna. We can’t wait until next week to find out what happens with the new government officials!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Photos from Week 3 of Village!


Rake guitar after fencing class on Monday.
Business at the bank. 
Showing off drilling prowess!
Cutting windows with a coping saw. Her cuts
are getting straighter and straighter!

Designing our T-shirt.

Raft R&D in Professor Peepstein's pool.
Elizabeth's house coming together.
A Homesteader's last day! Her paper-plate award describes her Peep perfectly.


An irrational root ruler!
Swimming with nose whistles!

More nose whistles!
Hardwood floors!

Tools License Class--Level 2

In today's tool class students learned how to operate power drills, jig saws and the power sander.
Practice cuts. 
More practice cuts. 

Partners practice cuts. 
Everyone is practicing cuts!

Homes are being finished!

Julius Bob's columned house. 

Hyde's take on a split-level house,
complete with sliding screen door in the top floor.
A surprise visitor from years past! His person
hopes to return as a CIT soon!

Wednesday and Thursday 

Front row: Jacques, Hidie, Elizabeth. Atop first level, on left: Hyde and Jasmine.
Atop second level: Donald Trump, Julius Bob Peepsar

More hinges!

She is becoming an expert precision cutter with the coping saw!

Snack time... hanging out!

Aria's house -- painting interior walls before assembly. 

Josh looks on as Homesteaders play the final round of "Jaddy Mash" (or is it Mash-Jaddy?)

The betrothed! That's Jasmine on the left, Hyde on the right.

Friday: Land Time and Campfire!

Mia, advertising her treehouse to be sold at auction!

Pulling out of the driveway in the car... 
Stilts help move around at a more comfortable pace for humans. Peep speed is so slow!

Jeff Littleton (pictured here in his mourning jacket) stands outside the commissioner's Town Hall. 

Donald Trump's Homesteader gets a head start on
her Mini-Fair ride. 

Mia's loft, complete with accessorized desk area. 
Mia at her desk. 

Winner at auction!?! Wait, no... she doesn't have enough! Do I hear three hundred...?

Julius Bob Peepsar sells trading cards. They sold out. 

Peep Jasmine getting ready for her wedding next week!


Serious S'mores.
Balancing feathers--a very popular activity!

The Hephalump...

Bring on the trained Hephalump!

It's thirsty!

It pauses, lifts a leg... "No Hephalump, not there!" cries the trainer. 

Oh no! Shouldn't have drunk so much water!