Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mini Fair!

The Mini Fair!

Commissioners Jesslyn and Josh with
their Peeps Jacques and Jeff Littleton. 
Always an event that we look forward to! The Mini Fair is a chance to show off our town and to share the delight of all things miniature with our guests.

This year Homesteaders worked throughout the fourth week to prepare for "our big party." Rides were created, signs were painted, and excitement built as the big day neared. This year we changed things: we held the Mini Fair from 10 - 12 on a Saturday, rather than on the usual (rainy) Thursday.

We donned our usual goofy gear (coordinating clashing clothes is our favorite party gear), selected locations for rides and hammered in signs.

Visitors arrived and made insta-Peeps, then visited rides and other attractions. The mini-snow cones were a big hit, as well as the GINORMOUS foods available at the bake sale.

Elizabeth's "Midnight Dream", a giant-sized swing!

Visitors ride Psycho Jeff's Ferris Wheel

A line forms for Karanna's Snow Cones.

People really got into Peep-making this year. Many spent the better part of an hour!

A peep with long locks and a magnificent skirt!

This insta-peep was eager to be photographed!

Another insta-peep with a magnificent and voluminous skirt! 
A Peep, his person, and a gigantic snow cone.
This Peep proved Maniacal when he dove into the snow cone head first!
A Homesteader (blue hair), her younger brother and his superhero Insta-Peep
meet up with Jacques as they tour the fair. 
A young visitor and her insta-Peep.
A crowned ruler insta-Peep
An insta-Peep waving hello!

Mom and daughter with their lovely insta-Peeps.