Peep Biographies

Hi, my name is Jasmine Belfall, and I am 23 years old. I came from Massachusetts, but I got tired of my life there, so I Moved to where I am now. I like it here. I might move back, but not anytime soon. I am interested in the way it is here. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, a blue and white dress.

My name is Julius Bob Peepsar. I am 35 years old. I enjoy ruling Peep Rome. I do not like the Gauls because they keep stopping us from ruling all of Europe! I am from the great Empire of Rome. I Hope to one day take over Asia and the rest of the world and name it after me. I have the mightiest army in all of the world! I enjoy the Colloseum and the show in it.

Hi, I am Karanna and I am 26. My gender is a female. I want people to know that I am from Alaska and I live in a igloo. I also have five pet penguins. Things I like are the cold, snow, ice, and arctic animals. Some dislikes are hot weather, grass, and hot water. My dream is to be able to tame wild arctic animals. This is my peep bio.

Hello my name is Danold Trump! (Peep.) I am 43 years old. I am a man. I want other peeps to know that I am nice, I am a billionaire, and I will make Village great again! My main dream is to become president of peep village! That is all… Signed,Trump

Hi. I’m Angelina and I’m 26. I like to bake and sew. I do not like tape and hot glue that the humans use. I am from a galaxy far FAR away.

Hi my name is Rose. I am 34 years old and I own a bakery with Jasmine. I love to bake. I hope to someday be on a bake show. I have been all over the world. I went to Africa and saw a tiger that was very scary. The only place I haven’t been to is China. I don’t want to live anywhere except in a house in the back of a bakery.

Raven is 666. He likes exploring and climbing. His dream is to go around the world. He does not like you (in fact he does not like anyone except Jorj, Fred, Joe and Thoridin). He is from Peru.

Hello. My name is Albert Peepstein. I am based off Albert Einstein. I bet you know him. He created e=mc2. I am 67 years old. I am a man. I hope that was obvious. My likes are math, science, and kites. I know Albert Einstein liked boats, not kites. That’s Ben Franklin’s thing. But I like kites. My dislikes are combs, conditioner, bad presidents, strawberry ice cream, and apple pie. My hopes are to one day have a brain. I am brilliant, yes, but have no brain. My loves are my hair, and cheesecake. A thingy I made is very interesting it is a pouch which my giant friend carries. She is also very interesting. I have learned that my giant friend is a human. She created me. I am apparently a peep. She is not a giant, and I am just tiny. Also, she made the pouch thingy, not me. She says that I will meet many friends. I hope they are genius like me.

Hi my name is Psycho Jeff. I am 21 years old and I am a man. I like trees and wood. I don’t like trash and apples. I’m from Chicago. I can jump 20 feet high and my fears are combs.

Hi my name is Nacy and I am 64 years old. I am a girl and I do not like is tacs but what I love is tea and cookies and meeting other peeps. I have a hamster named cookie and I hope I can get a cat. I am from England. Bye now.

XXXII (Sir Mister Jeph, Alagzander, MIster G the Grate)
XXXII has bean known by meny names including Sir Mr. Jeph, Alegzander, Mister G the Grate, and when he has been having a good day at “work,” Nero. I Asahel is righting this because his spelling is “vere good just not inglish.” His father XXXI was a salor and chinchila food worshiper but when XXXI tuc XXXII on a saling trip on his trusty vesle “The Jon B,” XXXII was driven off this path. XXXII wants to be like his father but he is only like him in that his gole in life is to bicum the dictator of the world.

No clue how old he is!
He is a gentleman.
He is a gummy farmer and a gummer worshipper.
He likes gummys.
Never ask about his hometown.
He doesn’t like spray bottles, the color yellow. He takes “Hi” as a threat. So address him at hello. He hates the sound of bells.
He fears staplers.
He has a pet named Dido.
(He has a secret crush.)

Hello my name is Hidie. I am 19 years old and I am a Male. I used to live in Alaska where I grow up. But I move here for a change. I like protesting for reasonable things. NOT unreasonable things. I hope to have a great life here and settle in easily. And to find some new village friends. And I am very shy!

HI! My name is Aria and I am 10 years old. I really like cats. They are my favorite animals. My gender is a girl. I am very nice and sweet. I am from Oregon. I have a dream to travel the world and visit cool places. I am having a hope and my hope is to have children when I am older. My fears are spiders, crabs, snakes, and scorpions. My dislikes are stinky dogs.

Hello, my name is Mia. I am 13, and will be turning 14 on the 2nd of August. I am a female, and I <3 dressing up. My dream house is huge, and it’s on the water. 
I like to:
  • hike
  • swim
  • dance
  • sing

I don’t like:
  • lots of animals
  • pecans
  • sunbutter
  • Bugs!

I hope to get the trading post, cause it is in a bigger place, so it should be easier to neaten-out and organize. I am a mini-peep of Maddy! I was born in Gardner Mass. I live down the road.

Elizabeth: (still to come!)