Thursday, June 28, 2018

1st week newspaPER POST BY Briah Asahel.

  U.P.A NEWs

This week was our was our first week. We came up with our town name the U.P.A (united peeps of America) and came up with our currency. Our currency is “lives and deaths”. This year we have about fifteen homesteaders who creatively came up with their peeps.

The federal job managers: News Paper/Blog,

Bank, radio and Trading post all have managers now. The trading post manager is Danold Trump, the Radio is now taken over by psycho Jeff. the bank is run by Mia, and XXXII, and Hyde are the newspaper/blog. The homesteaders are working on their cardboard models/house models.

The federal taxes were met by XXXII as an opportunity for a business. His new tax help business has already made him hundreds.

Several bake sales have also made life [the currency] awesome! Witch gave them more and more money. For example XXXII made lots of money by selling brownies and cookies. And lots of other people made lots of money to.

Also village has been doing a game called camouflage. We have had a lot of fun playing it in the graveyard. As well as making walls around the hiders. It was so much fun.

That was the first week at village and we are still alive (jk). Hope we all have a fun week next week, goodbye!