Thursday, July 26, 2018

Week 4 Homesteader News

Upa news week 4

This week was week 4 and we are working on our houses still. We had another camper go to a different camp. This week we celebrated as two peeps got married. Hyde and Jasmine /Briahs And Bea’s peeps/. This week we had mini fair and raised 1766.57 lives and deaths. Each peep has earned 135.89 lives and deaths and will use it for the auction or their house. Most people are almost done, and most are still a work in progress. This week we changed our government to a joelocrocy. The joleocrocy is when a jole (Hyde) leads and hires 6 secret joles and the joles and the head jole makes a law. This week we ripped up the old constitution.