Sunday, July 8, 2018

Week 2 of Village!

Peep High School Graduates
Julius Bob Peepsar and Albert Peepstein.

Monday: As referenced in a previous post, this was day 1 of the oligarchy. The degree of political activity and fervor was noteworthy, as oligarchs enjoyed their power but struggled with how to enforce their statutes, and townspeeps became increasingly dissatisfied with the government

On Tuesday and Thursday (with Wednesday off for the fourth of July), the political happenings slowed down a bit, as the extreme heat prompted peeps to relax and homesteaders to spend as much time as possible swimming or playing water games. On Tuesday a surprise rainstorm while we were at the pond caused much merriment and sogginess, and prompted the pleasing discovery of a new sport called Towel Swimming. Progress continued on houses and projects.

One of these days, homesteaders arrived in the morning and immediately met a sad scene: numerous peeps had been injured or abducted in the night! Guinea hens were the suspected culprit, though ducks were later added to the suspect list when we saw one try to eat a Peep head before our very eyes!

Ducks met with great interest by Homesteaders.

Friday: A drizzly start to the day offered the opportunity to hole up in the barn and continue working on houses and projects. LED lights became fashionable today, adorning both the cave-like house of Albert Peepstein and the nearly-complete tree house of Mia. Julius Bob Peepsar also purchased some of these lights for his own in-progress abode. Some homesteaders learned to install wallpaper, and began to wallpaper their walls, while others took a Level 2 tool use class. One homesteader, especially fond of sanding, said she had the "time of her life" using the power sander.

Some sights seen at camp this week: 

Drilling for a window.
Mia's tree house

Window class drilling starts for the coping saws to cut windows. 
Balancing the checkbook after writing a check. 

Showing off Angelina's split head at the morning circle!

The "doctor" at work.

One peep (Angelina) who had been injured in the suspected guinea hen attack of earlier in the week consented to undergo an experimental medical procedure. She understood the risk: while the procedure might heal her split head, there was also a chance it might split it further. Still, it was a sad shock to all present--doctor, homesteader, and interested bystanders--when, indeed, her head fell apart into more pieces. She was buried with ceremony on the land designated for the town center, in a casket built by another homesteader. Doctor Jeff Littleton feels the loss keenly, and was seen around camp dressed in all black, mourning his error.

Land Time

Visiting during land time. 
In the afternoon, we had some time for commerce and visits at land time, and then had a great time
with our weekly Campfire tradition. Before an audience of homesteaders, commissioners, and some parents and siblings, a variety of performances graced the stage, including a hilarious skit, a mad libs song, a participatory game called Three-Headed Robot, and an excellent song about ducks. Two more Peeps graduated from Peep High School: Julius Bob Peepsar and Hyde! Congratulations!

One of the models of the 3-headed robot.