Monday, July 2, 2018

Political Monday!

Monday Week 2: Oligarchy Day 1

A normal day came upon the village of the UPA. Sleepy peeps woke with the rising sun and rising
temperatures, and off to work they went.

While the townspeeps worked away on their homes and businesses, the local government was hastily piecing together new laws and ordinances.

The first day of the Oligarchy's rule was a busy one. Within their first meeting (and subsequently their second, and third, and fourth), the ruling class established a series of laws limiting speech in the town and laws against their deposition.

As the peeps tuned into their radios and heard the announcements of the new laws, an uproar broke out and calls for revolution soon rang throughout the land. The Oligarchy scrambled to pen new laws to handle the demonstrations and protests, however the assembly outside of the meetings proved too disruptive to conduct the meetings in peace.

New laws created in the second, third and fourth town meetings:
  1. While an oligarch meeting is going on, non-oligarch peeps must stay in the barn and not call a town meeting; with the exception of Julius Bob Peepsar, who may be present at the meeting. 
  2. Non-oligarchs may not assemble a town meeting without approval of a majority of the oligarchs. 

A final motion was proposed before the town meeting ran out of time (it was time for swimming). It was: "every Monday, the Oligarchs shall choose two non-oligarch peeps to be advisers in the Oligarch meeting." These advisers shall also have a vote in the Oligarch meetings.
Despite their power-grabbing moves, there are rumblings of discontent among the Oligarchs ranks. Some are talking of leaving to spend more time on the Homestead, while others question the purpose of the oligarchs' government body itself.
"I don't want to fine any(peep) anymore, unless for good reason. Otherwise we're just a bunch of peeps fining each other" -Donald Trump

Currently, the Oligarchs are having issues reining in their subjects and are looking for ways to enforce their new laws. Meanwhile, the restless civilian body has found itself with a surplus of spirit and disobedience, but lacks a central plan of action to take back their rights as peeps and return life to a state of normalcy. Commissioners are now in deliberation regarding current events, and aim to guide and inform the peeps through this heated political situation.Today was a hot day politically and in temperatures!